Delicious Guava Spicy Snack

[lead]A great and Delicious Guava Spicy Snack with just a spicy touch and the great flavor of guava.[/lead]

This is a healthy and delicious recipe, ideal for any ocassion, could be a fresh recipe to share with some drinks or just a snack to watch tv. Try it and enjoy a different taste of guava.

Warning. Serrano pepper is spicy, if you prefer reduce the quantity to avoid a bad expierence.


This recipe also could be a great compliment for a flat bread or salad cookies.

Besides Guavas are one of the most rich in vitamin C, which makes this Guava recipe ideal for the summer season.

The guava fruit expands in flavor from a tad bitter at the rind to varying sweetness in the flesh, the center being the sweetest. 

Guavas are almost consider super food, above all, by its high vitamin c content and many other benefits

However Premium Guava is a Mexican guava variety, which are round or pear-shaped fruits, usually smaller, 5-10 cm in diameter.

We introduce to you this incredible taste in many different ways.  Feel
free to cook, drink, or prepare what you desire.

Our recipes are made with love.  In other words, all of them were tested and tasted to bring you the best and most original guava recipes. 

In conclusion, The most important thing (ingredient) is our guava, which wetake care of from the fields to your hands.

SPANISH translation

Receta de Snack de guayaba picante

Es una receta  de guayaba original y deliciosa, la guayaba es una fruta dulce y con mucho aroma lo que hace de esta receta una gran opción, fresca y deliciosa.

Además de esto la guayaba es una de las frutas más ricas o con mayor contenido de vitamina C, lo cual la convierte en una receta ideal para la temporada de verano.

Premium Guava representa una marca que distribuye la variedad de guayaba Mexicana. 

Todas nuestras recetas están hechas con amor.  Todas fueron probadas y degustadas por nuestro equipo y familia para asegurarnos que sean de
tu agrado. 

Y lo más importante, cuidamos cada detalle en el proceso de las guayabas que exportamos.

Esto con la finalidad de brindarte solo la mejor fruta, desde el campo hasta tu mesa.

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